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Flexible solar panels at an unbeatable price!

Our passion is energy that is renewable, reliable and affordable to all, providing both off-grid and on-grid solutions to personal energy needs. With the cost of domestic energy prices on the increase, becoming more self-sufficient helps the planet as well as your pocket.

Whether you own a narrow boat, yacht, caravan, motorhome or any type of vehicle that has curved surfaces, our PVL solar laminates are the answer to generating electricity on the move. They also fit extremely well to smooth surfaces on garages, barns as well as any non-weight bearing structures.

Made from ultra lightweight material and extremely hard wearing and flexible, these 144W solar laminates are the most powerful PVL panel available in the U.K. With ad easy, "Peel n Stick " backing, you can put these solar panels just about anywhere you want!

For more information see our downloadable PDF datasheet.



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